RABC is preparing to gather again in-person for worship on Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 10:45 a.m. Most of you know by now that gathering restrictions are beginning to be loosened by our governing authorities. Though we embrace this good news with thankfulness and excitement, we also know we must prayerfully plan on exactly how and when we go about starting up our in-person gatherings again for the health and safety of all. Let me put forward the following game plan as we prepare to gather in-person again, so that we may care for one another and love our neighbor well:

➢ For those in the “higher risk” population, we encourage you to still refrain from gathering-those 65 and older and/or those of any age who have underlying health conditions.

➢ Refrain from gathering if you are sick or running a fever (100.5 or higher). We encourage each one to check their temperature at home before gathering to guard against gathering while sick.

➢ For anyone who may not be comfortable meeting in-person at this time, please do not violate your own conscience and concerns of safety. It’s okay to refrain from gathering!

➢ We will resume only our main weekly morning worship gathering beginning Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 10:45 a.m. All of our other regular gatherings will continue through Facebook Live until further notice.

➢ Upon entering the facility please pay attention and follow the directions of any new signage.

➢ We encourage everyone to wear the CDC recommended facial coverings over their mouths and noses (except those with breathing restrictions & children 2 years old or younger).

➢ Seating will be prearranged & clearly marked allowing for household units to remain 6 feet apart and away from the isle ways. Wait for a greeter to direct you to your seat and/or follow directions of signage provided.

➢ Hand sanitizer stations, disposable facemasks, and disposable gloves will be available, though we highly encourage each household to provide their own PPE items when possible.

➢ Care well for others by refraining from our normal acts of care such as hugs, handshakes, and helping hands.

➢ Practice good hygiene with proper handwashing and maintain 6-foot social distance.

➢ Help ensure restrooms are used by one person or one family unit at a time and all regularly touched surfaces are disinfected after each use.

➢ Be hands-free as much as possible keeping hands off pew rails, doors panels, etc. Doors will be propped open at the opening and ending of our services to aid in this practice. We will also limit the use of items such as hymn books and bulletins.

➢ We encourage everyone to continue giving just as you have been during our absence. The offering plate will not be passed but will remain stationary both in the foyer and at the front of the altar. If giving, simply place gifts in these stationary plates as you pass by.

➢ When observing the Lord’s Table, the elements will be prepackaged and previously stationed at each seating area in a safe and sanitary manner. More instructions will be given during the service itself.

➢ Keep from lingering in common areas like the foyer, the isles, and the walkways. The safest place to fellowship from a distance will be outside while maintaining a 6-foot distance.

➢ Only the sanctuary building will be open for this gathering with a recommended capacity of roughly 90 people at this time. Know that facilities will be appropriately disinfected prior to, during, and after our gatherings.

➢ Children and youth under parental/guardian supervision are welcome at these gatherings, however, please be aware that we will not be able to provide any childcare or youth services (like a nursery) at least until after June 15, 2020.

➢ If you become diagnosed with COVID-19 we ask that you please inform church leadership so that we can discretely take appropriate measures.

➢ Our tentative aim is to have all regular gatherings resumed by July 5th if not by June 21, 2020.

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