2017 Vision

Hey Y’all,


In the previous newsletter article, I laid before us two main goals to work & pray toward in 2017.  The first was to Reconnect with Each Church Member to Properly Care for Their Soul and the second was to Connect with our Community in order to Connect our Community with Christ. Let me give us some practical suggestions for how we can each help to pray & work toward these goals together. 

Five ways we can reconnect with each church member:

  • Pray for our members by name. We will soon be putting together a prayer guide to put in our hands in order to help us pray for each and every member by name.
  • Inform the church staff of any update you may have concerning any member or members. Such as a new address, that they have become homebound, or that they are living in a care facility. Perhaps they have moved membership and we are not aware. Call 502-447-2061 or 502-909-2622.
  • Encourage members that you still have connections with to value their church membership by actively gathering, serving, and giving. [Please understand that we are aware that some of our members are simply providentially hindered from being able to gather with the church family on a regular basis. That means that God has allowed them to face circumstances that hinder them from gathering with the church as often as they might otherwise, such as the homebound, those in care facilities, or perhaps those with poor health or caring for others. In these cases, it would serve us better to work at learning how we could best serve them as their church family.]
  • Invite members that we may have lost connection with for various reasons to come and gather with us once again. Though we would love to have them renew the connection with us at any time, Resurrection Sunday, April 16th will be a great rally point for inviting members to join with us once again.
  • Warmly Welcome those that we may reconnect with through this process. Remember that our members are our family in the Lord, and we should treat them as such.


Five ways we can connect with our community:

  • Pray for our community and its residents. Perhaps as you are driving are walking in the area you can pray for our neighbors. Prayer walks are a good way to both pray for our neighbors and encounter our neighbors as they are out and about. Be intentional about praying with people as you talk with them and learn of their prayer needs. Not many people will deny you the privilege of praying for them, if you are intentional about it.
  • Participate in community-wide events that we as a church host and other community events and activities that are taking place so that we may build strong relationships with the people who are our neighbors.
  • Purposefully Reach Out to people in our immediate community to build relationships with them.
  • Be a Good Neighbor! The old adage goes “if you want a friend, be a friend.” The same goes for having good neighbors. If we want good neighbors, we as a church family must be good neighbors to the community that surrounds us.
  • Serve others in our community with the love of Christ and let them know that Jesus is the reason that you are serving them!


Let me also encourage us to continue to lift up the Rodgers family in prayer as they are nearing getting to the mission field in Asia. Currently, they are at 89.2% of their monthly support.  Meaning they only lack $622 in monthly giving to reach 100% monthly support. They also have only about $4,300 left to raise for plane tickets and other one-time setup fees. January 17th-20th the Rodgers will be going through their pre-field counseling in Tennessee. Elsbeth and baby number 4 are doing well, the due date is June 22nd. Pray for a healthy pregnancy and that God’s timing will get them to the mission field well before the due date. If you are not receiving regular updates from the Rodgers and would like to, or you would like to learn about how you can best support their Gospel work feel free to call Jeremy at 502-649-7903 or Elsbeth at 317-450-5875. If you prefer e-mail then jeremyrodgers@wol.org. You also can find more information on the web at www.jeremyrodgers.wol.org


Coming up January 26th – 28th, Martha and I will be in Lexington for the Shepherding the Shepherd conference that the Kentucky Baptist Convention puts on to help pastors’ and their wives be encouraged and refreshed. Pray that God would use that time to sharpen us for ministry and strengthen our marriage.  Pray that God would provide good care for our children during that time and that we would have safe travels. 


In Christ,

Bro. Samuel