Church Newsletter

Hey Y’all,


We communicated several issues back that we could possibly be transitioning from our current newsletter with the Western Recorder to producing our own monthly newsletter. We will be making that change real soon. We look to have our last newsletter go out via the Western Recorder on March 21st and begin producing our first monthly newsletter for April. The purpose of this monthly newsletter will be to provide information, announcements, and communications that build up the gathering of Ralph Avenue Baptist Church for the glory of God and the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


What will this transition involve:

  1. After the March 21st publication, RABC will no longer be providing a subscription to the Western Recorder for our members like we have in the past. Members can, however, individually subscribe to the Wester Recorder, if they so choose. Those who have been on the mailing list will be receiving information in the mail from the publishers of the Western Recorder about how they can go about making those individual subscriptions. 
  2. Starting in April we will be producing a monthly newsletter, which will obviously go out once a month. It will be produced the last week of the month prior so that it can be in mail boxes by at least sometime the first week of the month.
  3. The publication deadline for any announcements to be placed in the newsletter will be the 24th of each month. Feel free to call even after the 24th to see if we can still include the announcement.
  4. Everyone will have the option to either continue receiving the new monthly newsletter via postal mail or simply pick one up at any of our gatherings on the church campus. The monthly newsletter will also be available online at You can help us out in this area by informing us by a phone call (502-447-2061) or telling Kyle or myself in person, if you would like to take the options of either picking up your newsletter at our gatherings or viewing it online rather than having it mailed to you. This will help us save a little on postage for those who can take those options. Unless we are informed otherwise we will continue to mail out these monthly newsletters to all those who are on our current Western Recorder mailing list.
  5. Due to the newsletter being on a monthly timeframe, much of the information we have typically shared may change in format and presentation, so be aware.
  6. We ask for grace and patience as we settle in to this new monthly format and develop a more consistent publishing format, routine, and distribution process. The newsletter will be a work in progress for the first few months, so please be patient with us. Your thoughts and feedback will be important to help shape what this monthly newsletter will become so please share them with us, understanding that we may or may not be able to include each and every idea.


Let me take the time to highlight our website at
. If you are not aware, all our sermon messages from Sunday or made available for listening online. They are usually posted by 8:00 a.m. the following Monday and are archived so that you can go back to previous messages. If for some reason, you are not able to attend, you can still listen to the preaching of God’s Word as we continue through the book of Judges in the morning service and the Gospel of John in the evening service.


In Christ,

Bro. Samuel