Pro-Life and Refugees

Hey Y’all,
On February 8th at 1:00 p.m., Governor Matt Bevin will be ceremonially signing into law two very important pro-life pieces of legislation.  As Paul Chitwood, the Executive Director-Treasurer of the KBC, puts it, “One bans late-term abortions. The other requires women seeking abortions earlier in their pregnancies to undergo ultrasounds. The idea, of course, is to allow expectant mothers to see the little ones growing inside them in hopes that will change their minds.”  Chitwood is calling for Kentucky Baptists to fill the halls of the Capitol in Frankfort to show support to our Governor and State legislators who have had the courage to pass such important legislation to protect life. Much more needs to be done and our lawmakers need to know that we are behind them on the matter of protecting innocent human life.
Also, in the news has been another very important human life issue, the refugee crisis. The recent controversy surrounding President Trump’s executive order regarding refugees has put even many Christians at odds with one another. Let me share with you just four thoughts about the recent refugee executive order:
1) To right off the concerns over security that the order seeks to try and remedy is foolish. Government has been given authority by God to protect the good of its citizens (Romans 13). Part of that responsibility involves protecting its citizenry from outside threats. We must take serious the evil that exists in the world that really does threaten the citizens of the United States as well as others, and it would be foolish to ignore that evil. 2) To right off the concerns of compassion that the order seems to fail to account for is also foolish. In particularly, the order fails to account for some very practical issues regarding current green card holders some of which we would consider our friends and allies. The order also does not seem to have a clear plan of dealing with the serious refugee crisis that the whole world is dealing with including many of our own IMB missionaries and our fellow Christians. To turn our back completely on the refugee crisis, which is a sanctity of human life crisis, is immoral, irresponsible, and disobedient to God (Leviticus 19:33-34; Matthew 25:25-40). 3) There needs to be more balance between the concerns of security and the display of compassion. It is a difficult balance to achieve, but it is one we must strive after. To that point, just because I lock my doors at night to protect my family keeping them safe from would be intruders, does not mean that I would not unlock and open that same door late at night to a knocking stranger in need, once I could ascertain that all was safe for my family. Even then, however, there is always a risk to opening your door to let a stranger in, but such is the risk of demonstrating true Godly compassion. Compassion that does not cost us anything to show is not real compassion! 4) Obtaining the right balance between the concerns of security and compassion is a complex and weighty issue that we must forge through! It is always a complex and weighty issue when human life hangs in the balance. May we pray for our leaders to govern well on this issue and reach a balance that both provides for our security and displays true compassion to strangers in need.
I want to give everyone a heads up that we have received a lot of good feedback about the real possibility of changing our current church newsletter format. It appears that many, if not most, are in favor of producing our own monthly newsletter similar to one we published in November rather than the one we currently have attached to the
Western Recorder. Some things you should be aware of, if this potential change is made. First, we would no longer be able to provide the Western Recorder to our members as we have for a number of years. For those who would wish to continue receiving the state Baptist newspaper they could subscribe to it on their own, however, it would no longer include our church’s newsletter. Second, there would be some type of transition from one format to the other. Third, we would also be asking for you to indicate if you would like to receive your new church newsletter via mail or would like to pick up the newsletter onsite at one of our many gatherings. Again, let me be clear that this decision to make a change with our newsletter has not been made yet, but it looks like such a real possibility in the very near future that I want you to be aware of it. 
We will be discussing this possible change in our next upcoming business meeting on Wednesday, February 8th at 6 p.m. I share this information so that no one is caught off guard, if, and when this change is made. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other matter feel free to call the church office or call my cell at 502-909-2622.


In Christ,

Bro. Samuel