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Each of us can continue our giving in the following ways:

  • Postal Mail: Mail gifts to the church office at: RABC, 2900 Ralph Avenue, Louisville, KY 40216.
  • Automatic Bill Pay: Check with your bank to see if this option is available with your account. Most banks give the option with certain checking accounts to set up free automatic bill pay. This would allow the bank to automatically mail a check to our office for the amount you determine when you determine.
  • Drop Off: You can always drop gifts by the office or Pastor Samuel’s home next door as you run your errands. Just call ahead at 502-447-2061 to confirm we are around to receive. Most of the time we are.
  • Pickup: If needed we can come pick up your giving, as well, just call 502-447-2061.
  • Online Giving through GivApp: We are currently partnering with GivApp to provide a secure platform for online giving. GivApp is a locally based company focused on churches and Christ-centered nonprofits, founded by local pastors and ministry leaders. You can access our online GivApp page in a number of ways:  Simply scan the QR code seen below with your device or search for GivApp in your device’s app store and then search for us on the app. You can also navigate directly to our Givapp page from your smartphone or pc via the links we provide on our website and Facebook page or via any internet browser by typing in Initially, you will need to set up a GivApp account with an email address. You can give one-time gifts or set up recurring monthly gifts if you would prefer. This means does require either a debit or credit card. You will also be given the option to cover the standard fees (2.9% plus $.30 per transaction) that occur with any online giving in addition to your gift. If those fees are not covered then your gift to the church will be reduced by the amount of those fees. Most who give via this means find it more efficient to give on a once-a-month basis rather than weekly or biweekly. If you would like to give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, you can do this by selecting ‘Annie Armstrong’ from the drop-down menu for ‘select a subcategory’ on our online giving page. Alternatively, you will see a separate giving button for Annie Armstrong on our card inside the app. You can give directly from there as well. We will be adding other such designated giving options as those items come up.